New Asset Manager Captiva Asset Management

Captiva Asset Management is expanding it’s team with a new Asset Manager on hydro power.

Stig-Martin Braate has about 25 years of experience, both technical and management, within the hydro power industry. The last 12 years before joining Capitva Stig-Martin worked with Rainpower/Hymatek, a significant hydro power system supplier within the Norwegian market. Stig-Martin will focus on the technical management of the hydro power stations in operation.  

New Asset Manager Proxima Scandinavia

Proxima Scandinavia has hired a new Asset Manager that will be responsible for all wind farms in operation.

Huy Hoang, with experience from Elkem Energi (Oslo), Atel Trading (Zürich), Valartisbank (Zürich), Deutsche Bank/Merrill Lynch (London) and EON (Dusseldorf) will establish and lead Proximas technical and commercial management team. Proxima is a joint venture between Captiva and the swiss utility BKW combining Captiva’s local experience in project development and construction with BKW’s European experience.

Acquisition of Stølsdalselva Kraftverk

Captiva har acquired Stølsdalselva Kraftverk AS in Jondal municipality with an estimated yearly power production of 18 GWh.

An investment decision of an additional 2.5 MW pelton turbine together with several other improvements, such as rebuilding of the intake, was taken simultaneously in the transaction. The power plant will be managed by Captiva Asset Management AS on behalf of a German pension fund and in strong cooperation with the Frankfurt based manager Prime Capital.

Construction start Skorga Kraftverk

Construction start at Skorga power station. The power station with an estimated power production of 10.0 GWh is located in Nesset municipality and Møre og Romsdal County.

The plant is developed by Scanergy. Captiva Asset Management will manage the construction of the plant and also the management of the plant in operation on behalf of the swiss company aventron.

Construction start Steindal Kraftverk

Construction start at Steindal Kraftverk.

The power plant is located in Flora municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County with an estimated yearly power production of 24 GWh. Steindal power station is located close to Skolten power station with 2 GWh under operation. The majority of Skolten was also acquired in the transaction. The Steindal project is developed by Captiva Energi AS. Captiva Asset Management will manage the construction and manage the plant in operation on behalf of the swiss company aventron.

Investment decision on Marker wind farm in Norway – Proxima as asset manager

Swiss utility BKW and Norwegian developer Scanergy announced earlier today the investment decision for wind farm project Marker in municipality Ørje and Østfold region.

Local management of the project during the construction and operation phases will be provided by Proxima Scandinavia, a joint venture between Captiva and BKW. The joint venture combines Captiva’s local experience in project development and construction with BKW’s European experience in its own renewable energy plants and those it manages for third parties.

Marker wind farm consist of 15 wind turbine generators and a total installed capacity of 54MW. Annual estimated production is 193 GWh which amounts to more than annual consumption of 13 000 households.

Commissioning of Kupe Kraftverk

Commissioning of Kupe Kraftverk located in Flora municipality, Sogn og Fjordane County.

The power station is developed and constructed by Captiva Energi AS. The power station has an estimated power production of 11 GWh and will be managed by Captiva Asset Management AS on behalf of the swiss renewable investor aventron.

Construction start for the 5 MW small hydro power plant Geitåni

The construction management will be performed by Captiva on behalf of the project owner Aventron. The plant will be operational in mid-2018 with an estimated annual production of 15 GWh.

Geitåni is located in Voss municipality in Hordaland County, on the west coast of Norway, close to the city of Bergen. Aventron acquired the project rights from the Swiss utility Alpiq in 2016, but the project was originally developed by the project developer Scanergy.

The chosen contracting structure is a multi-contract setup, with Captiva acting as construction manager. The civil works will be performed by the local contractor Jordalen Entreprenør AS. The other main suppliers are the Norwegian companies Energi Teknikk supplying the electromechanical equipment and Brødrene Dahl for the penstock. The construction will be finished during the summer of 2018.

Once the plant is operational Captiva Asset Management will perform the technical and commercial management on behalf of Aventron.

About Aventron AG

Aventron (formerly KKB) is a holding company for water-, wind- and solar-power plants. The company acquires ready-to-build or existing power plants and operates them. Typical take-over objects are small power stations producing between 200kW and 20MW in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain and

Proxima Scandinavia AS receives contracts for the construction- and asset management of the wind farm Ränsliden

The project Ränsliden, located in Mellerud municipality in Sweden, has been sold by the project developer Scanergy AB to a financial investor. The investor has contracted Proxima Scandinavia AS to manage the construction running until mid-2018, and the asset management for a minimum of five years thereafter. 

The wind farm project Ränsliden has been developed by the Karlstad based project developer Scanergy AB, and is located in Mellerud municipality, on the western side of Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. The project will consist of 7 Siemens SWT 3.6/3.3 MW turbines, each with a hub height of 135 meters and a total height of 200 meter. The annual production will be approximately 85 GWh.

The project was sold by Scanergy AB in late 2016 to a German financial investor. The investor has engaged Proxima to manage the construction of the project, and thereafter the technical and commercial asset management. The construction will start in March 2017 and be finished in mid-2018 and the asset management contract will run for an initial term of five years.

-          We are very pleased to have closed these contracts and look forward to developing Proxima into a substantial player within the construction, operations and asset management of renewables in Scandinavia, says Tormod Nyberg, CEO of Proxima Scandinavia AS.

For further information on Proxima Scandinavia AS, CEO Tormod Nyberg can be contacted at or +47 952 18 549 

HydroNor acquires small hydro plant Døvik

Døvik power plant in Hjelmland municipality was acquired by the financial vehicle HydroNor AS

HydroNor finalizes the acquisition of its third small hydro power plant Døvik Kraft. The plant is located in the Ryfylke area with close proximity to Husstøl/Møyskrev, which have previously been acquired by HydroNor. Annual production for Døvik is approximately 2 GWh.

About HydroNor

HydroNor is a platform for investing in small hydro power plants in Norway, initiated and managed on the behalf of external investors by Captiva.