Captiva is chosen as a partner by BKW in their role as technical advisor for Nordic Wind Power on the wind Fosen project

BKW owns 25 % of Nordic Wind Power DA (NWP), which in turn owns 40 % of the 1000 MW Fosen wind power project in mid Norway. The other owner in NWP is a financial consortium led by Credit Suisse. NWP has mandated BKW to be their main technical advisor for the project. BKW has engaged Captiva as a local sub supplier.

The Fosen project consists of six individual project of which two projects are located south of the Trondheim fjord in the Snillfjord area and four in the north on the Fosen peninsula. Collectively it is one of the largest wind projects in the world.

The construction of the first wind far has started, but the work on the last wind farm will not be concluded before early 2021. Captiva will under a technical advisory agreement perform monthly site inspections and participate on the behalf of BKW in an Advisory Committee reporting to the board of Fosen Vind DA for the duration of the construction.