Captiva to take over the asset management and operations of a portfolio of operational and permitted projects in development on behalf of Aventron

Aventron has acquired the Swiss utility Alpiq’s portfolio of small hydropower in Norway. The portfolio consists of projects in operation and under development. Aventron has engaged Captiva to perform the project development,  the operations and asset management for the asset in operation.

Alpiq Ecopower Scandinavia has sold their Norwegian small hydro portfolio to Aventron AG. It consisted of the 4.7 MW operational small hydro power plant Sevre Kraftverk, a minority participation in the 5.5 MW Stølsdalselva Kraftverk and three permitted projects in development.

Captiva will perform the operations and asset management for Sevre and manage the participation on Stølsdalselva. Furthermore Captiva will perform the final development in terms of detailed planning, tendering and grid access negotiation for the three projects in development.  

About Aventron AG

Aventron (formerly KKB) is a holding company for water-, wind- and solar-power plants. The company acquires ready-to-build or existing power plants and operates them. Typical take-over objects are small power stations producing between 200kW and 20MW in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain and Norway.