Sättravallen wind farm completed and taken over by Allianz Capital Partners

Captiva has acted as project manager and construction manager of the 52.8 MW wind farm Sättravallen on the behalf of Allianz Capital Partner. The project was successfully completed and has been taken over by the owner.

The Sättravallen project was originally developed by the project developer Scanergy AB, one of Captiva's partner companies, and is located close to the city of Karlstad in Sweden. In 2012 the project was fully permitted and sold to the financial consortium ScanVind 1. On behalf of ScanVind 1 Captiva performed the late stage development, including the tendering for turbines and all other work packages, for the project. In 2014 the project was sold to the final investor Allianz Capital Partners, which engaged Captiva to perform the construction management.

The project consists of 16 Vestas V126 3.3 MW turbines. It was the first contract Vestas signed for the V126 in Sweden and is currently the largest turbines in Sweden.  High quality wind sites and large modern turbines in combination with a well performed tendering and realization are the key success factors for any project in wind Sweden today, according to Captiva project manager Tormod Nyberg.